St Lucian international recording artist, producer, and Cultural Ambassador Lashley ‘Motto’ Winter has hit yet another milestone by getting verified on both Facebook and Instagram.

Winter made the big announcement to his 69,000 Instagram followers today posting a screenshot of his profile with the caption ‘I finally got it #Mottodeh #Verified’

Being verified on any social media platform is a huge deal for entertainers, content creators, and celebrities alike because not only does it prove that their profile is authentic but it can be a huge income generator that can land them loads of endorsement deals from various well-known companies.

The Uber Everywhere singer told Loop that he is delighted about his latest accomplishment.

“I am extra, extra happy. I am very happy that I got the verification because it helps people find me easily. Of course, I think that all artist deserves a verification because of so many fan pages and different pages that people create and the main page gets lost in all of that, so the verification definitely helps the artist stand out.”

According to Winter, it took him six years to attain the famous blue tick on his Instagram page.

“For the Facebook, I didn’t get any trouble. I just did the verification process, I applied for it and I got it the next day. I’ve been trying to get this verification on Instagram for like six years now and they never really actually gave it to me and this time I got it. So, I do urge all artists to try and keep on trying as their Instagram page grows because that’s very important for the brand of the artist and yes now that I’ve gotten it, it’s back to the music.”

Since his verification on Facebook early last month, Winter has noted an increase in engagement on his page.

Motto is the first St Lucian Soca, Dennery Segment artist to attain official account verification on Facebook and Instagram.

Get all the latest info on upcoming projects from Motto via Instagram @motto_ilovesoca and Facebook – Lashley Motto Winter.

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